onsdag, mars 23, 2005

Some people

Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

Charles Bukowski

tirsdag, mars 22, 2005

The big question

The big question for a writer is, how can you know this? In what corner of yourself can you find what you need to write truthfully about things of which, objectively, you'd have no knowledge?

Peter Carey (Australian writer)


If my grandfather still was alive, he would have been 103 today. Imagine that! He died 12 years ago.

He lived in the same house as me and my parents, upstairs from us.
As a kid, whenever something scared me I would run upstairs, and he would play a game of cards with me, while I calmed down.
When I stepped into his kitchen, the first thing I smelled was tobacco. He used to smoke the pipe, using a tobacco that was whiskey-flavoured. Behind the tobacco, I could smell bacon and eggs, something he made for himself every day. He also always had chocolate in the kitchen cupboard. I'm pretty sure that made me visit him more often.

He was a blacksmith, and worked until he was 90. I have a lamp, beautifully wrought in black iron, that he made for me.

Wherever you are, grandpa, I hope you're having a good time.

mandag, mars 21, 2005

But it is getting warmer

This being a Norwegian blog, I feel obligated to start with a weather report. Right now there's still a lot of snow around, but spring is definately on it's way. I just saw an insect flying around outside my window.