fredag, november 28, 2008

Buy books for the holidays

Not a bad idea, and a great blog:

tirsdag, november 25, 2008

9 o'clock 25.11.2008

The view from my office window - taken with my mobile camera.

søndag, november 23, 2008

lørdag, november 22, 2008

HB lives up to the blog name

It's November. There's lots of snow. It's 8 degrees Celsius below zero (-14.4 Fahrenheit). Time to go swimming in the ocean! :-)

Båtsfjord this morning.

onsdag, november 19, 2008

February 2008

In June this year I started posting photos from my first year in Finnmark: August, September, October and November. I've checked my photos, and I don't have many photos from December and January. Perhaps I was too busy, or more likely - it was too dark! In the middle of December we only have some kind of blueish day light for about half an hour. It's really beautiful, but doesn't last long! This year I'll bring my camera to work, and see if I can manage to capture the light:-)

Here are some photos from the beginning of February 2008 - the sun had just come back again!

Last pic: it's about 2 pm and the sun is setting.. but a couple of months later it's up almost all day:-)