mandag, mai 29, 2006


I used to think that grown-up people chose
To have stiff backs and wrinkles round their nose,
And veins like small fat snakes on either hand,
On purpose to be grand.
Till through the banister I watched one day
My great-aunt Etty's friend who was going away,
And how her onyx beads had come unstrung.
I saw her grope to find them as they rolled;
And then I knew that she was helplessly old,
As I was helplessly young.

----- Frances Cornford

tirsdag, mai 23, 2006

Back to normal - almost

The thesis is finished, now I just have to prepare for my oral examination. It goes like this: first I present my thesis for 20 minutes. Everyone who wants to hear it can come. Then there's the examination, which fortunately isn't open to the public. It lasts for about an hour (I think), and three people will point out all the weaknesses in my thesis and kindly ask me to explain why I didn't do this instead of that etc etc.

Having written the thesis, I definately feel that the worst part is over. And I'm kind of looking forward to talking about my thesis, although I'm pretty sure that will change as the day looms closer. But I'm nowhere near as worried and stressed as I was in the last couple of weeks of thesis writing.

The time when my girlfriend was an absolute saint!

Syd wrote:
"On behalf of all wives, I beg you to milk this for all it's worth. And then tell us about it. :)"

For two weeks she was absolutely terrific. The best day was the day I decided to go to the beach instead of to the office. And even though I had a lazy day off, and my girlfriend had been to work, she cooked a two course dinner (baked trout, then grilled spare ribs) while I was sitting in the sun reading. She even brought me cold drinks while at the same time looking after the fish, the meat and making salad. After dinner she did the dishes, while I was pondering whether I should stay in the sun or go and lie down on the sofa.

I felt thoroughly pampered:-)

Later that day we went to a house warming party, with lots of my student friends. Of course I praised my girlfriend, telling everyone how she had been making me dinners and doing the housework.

HB (extremely smug): Today, for instance, she made trout and spare ribs.
Envious straight friend: What?!? Not only does she make dinner everyday, she makes several courses?? Damn, I'm getting together with a woman next time. Or perhaps I could just pay to borrow yours?
HB: No way!
Girlfriend (leaning forward interestedly): How much would you pay?

Anyway. It's back to normal now. There's balance. And Syd, I didn't really milk it too much, because I know that it would backfire. After all, soon I'll be unemployed and have all the time in the world. SOMEONE might be expecting that I cook every dinner and do all the housework. And I guess I will do that. But only for two weeks:-)

mandag, mai 08, 2006

Four days to go - eeeeeeek!!!

Right now I'm reading my thesis again and again: One minute I'm glowing at my brilliance, in the next I'm thinking that EVERYTHING I've written is pure drivel.

I promise, at some point in the near future I will write a proper blog post and respond to your comments. In the meantime, for your entertainment: Bent Fabric's fun blogpost.

tirsdag, mai 02, 2006

Ten days to go

This is my life: proofreading, editing, fretting about the final chapter (the conclusion) that so far is only a mess of notes and ideas. But I'm sure I'll get it done, even if it's written the night before I give the file to the printers.

My girlfriend has been great these last days; doing 99 % of the housework, giving me pep talks, buying little treats and cooking dinner so that it's ready for me when I come home. She is almost like a 1950s dream wife! I'm enjoying it while it lasts:-) After this, I'm sure it will be my job to clean the toilets for months.