tirsdag, juli 24, 2007


The view from our balcony.

Sunset - also from our balcony. We had a really nice room:-)

Girlfriend's magnificent timing.

The beach where we spent most of the day.

What people told us about Rhodes proved to be true. It's kind of touristy, but very very nice there. And the colour of the ocean -I don't think I would ever tire of this kind of blue!

lørdag, juli 14, 2007

Off to Rhodes (Greece)

Thank you sooo much for all the congratulations!:-D

We've noticed that the really cool thing about a secret wedding, is that friends, work and family keep throwing us mini parties! It's very nice. We're planning a bigger party later, maybe next summer? People could celebrate our first wedding anniversary (AND the seven year itch)with us! That would be great.

Off to Rhodes tomorrow. Little did we know, when we booked that holiday, that it was going to be our honeymoon!:-) Next post will, hopefully, show you some photos from our "holimoon". We've never been there before. People tell us that it is kind of touristy there, but still it's a very nice place. We'll let you know what we think!

onsdag, juli 11, 2007

Guess what?

Curiousa and I got married last Friday! We decided three weeks ago, and managed to swing it (although it had us running between different offices with letters and signatures a few days before the wedding).

After the wedding we drank champagne and ate strawberries with our "best women".

Then we told our parents.

Who were thrilled, of course:-)

The day after the wedding we threw a summer party. When all the guests had arrived, we got up and said: "Welcome to the summer party. Also, this is a wedding party, we got married yesterday. Champagne for all!"

It was an excellent weekend! And, I have to say, being married isn't half bad:-)

torsdag, juli 05, 2007

Summer in Trondheim

It's really, really warm here now. So inbetween fixing stuff, packing and testing cars we might want to buy - I try to take some time off!

Yesterday I went to the forest:

Today I want to go swimming:

søndag, juli 01, 2007

Trying to Write a Love Poem (for Michael Bronski)

Since most of my words go to describe
loves that fail, tricks who come & go,
it's no surprise I have no poems for you.

Shall I, trying to write one, say: You
are the man who stole white lilacs from
Harvard to help me find spring in a

dull season? Or that three years ago we
met in a bath house in New York City, strangers
making love in the shelter of sauna & steam?

Would it be too silly to say I like to think
we're Leonard & Virginia Woolf? Don't worry --
I'll not tell which of us is Virginia. But

if I suffer a total breakdown after trying
to write you this poem -- & if you
drop all work on your next essay to

put me together, take care of my cat, they'll
know. Meanwhile, you should know that
when I see aged couples clutching each

other walking quick as they can from
muggers & death -- I see us. & that if you
die first, someone will have to, like they

would a cat without hope or home, put me to,
as it's sometimes called, sleep; & though you
don't believe in heaven, & taught me how empty

& odd my own plan for it was, I imagine we've
already known it -- at the baths, in your
loft bed; in stolen lilacs, in each stroke you

give my cat, my cock; & though I'm agnostic
now, I never question why the archangel who
sent down the devil is called Saint Michael.

Walta Borawski

A text by Michael Bronski here.