onsdag, november 24, 2010

fredag, november 12, 2010

It's a new dawn, it's a new day

2:15 AM: Lights out.
2:16 AM: The wife falls asleep. I'm thinking: Wow, that was fast! But that's wonderful. She really needs to sleep after all she's been through.
2:18 AM: The wife starts to snore.
2:23 AM: Still snoring.
2:26 AM: Right...
2:36 AM: Should I wake her? No, she's sleeping so well. That's really good.
3:21 AM: On the other hand: I need to sleep too! We're driving home from the hospital tomorrow, and we both need to be alert.
3:27 AM: And isn't snoring bad for the quality of your sleep? Perhaps I'd better wake her.
3:28 AM: "Sweetheart! Sweetie!"
"Huh? What?"
"You're snoring."
"Oh, ok"
3:29 AM: The wife falls asleep again. Wow, that was fast!
3:31 AM: Silence.
3:35 AM: More silence
3:36 AM: I probably fall asleep.

And the third little person in the room has been sleeping, well, like a baby through all of this. As you should when you're 3 days old.