søndag, mars 26, 2006

I need some fine wine and she, she needs to be nicer

My advisor is off to a conference in England, a bit earlier than she thought. Which means that she wants the draft I'm working on two days earlier than scheduled. And right now, to lose two days feels like losing an ocean of time. So, this is what happens until 2nd of April:
- no posting in this blog (hard)
- no commenting in this or other blogs (harder)
- no blog reading (almost impossible, but I'll try)

See you on the other side! Please send "don't get too stressed"-vibes :-)

4 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

Go ahead and take care of business. I, for one, will be back. BTW, she's a bitch for doing this to you.

roro sa...

Oh my god. TWO DAYS EARLIER? I'm just writing a grant proposal right now (not nearly so big as a thesis) and if the deadline moved up by two days, I'd put my head in the oven. You are very brave. Good luck! And don't get too stressed!

kimananda sa...

I hope you can feel the 'don't get too stressed vibes'...they would be stronger, but I'm sending them to myself at the same time! It'll be a bitch to do it by the earlier deadline, but just think how the two days after you hand in the draft will feel. That'll be your reward.

HB sa...

Syd: the word 'bitch' did cross my mind for a second yes. But most of the time she's a gem, very helpful and interested in what I'm writing. I know lots of students who have advisors that are a bit indifferent. No fun.

roro: I didn't get too stressed, fortunately. But I did get fed up! Now I have to pull myself together for the last - and final - deadline, which is the 15th of May. Good luck with getting the grant!

kimananda: the extra days were great. And my girlfriend made sure that my little holiday had a great start! I finished working Saturday afternoon, and girlfriend said that she'd put some frozen pizza in the oven for dinner. ...but when I came home she had cooked steak and bought beer and some VERY nice whisky. That's the kind of April Fool that I like:-)