tirsdag, mai 02, 2006

Ten days to go

This is my life: proofreading, editing, fretting about the final chapter (the conclusion) that so far is only a mess of notes and ideas. But I'm sure I'll get it done, even if it's written the night before I give the file to the printers.

My girlfriend has been great these last days; doing 99 % of the housework, giving me pep talks, buying little treats and cooking dinner so that it's ready for me when I come home. She is almost like a 1950s dream wife! I'm enjoying it while it lasts:-) After this, I'm sure it will be my job to clean the toilets for months.

5 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

On behalf of all wives, I beg you to milk this for all it's worth. And then tell us about it. :)

kimananda sa...

The end is in sight! Hurrah!

Curiousstine sa...

Well, I CAN be nice, but only for one week at the time, two at the most! So don't push it, gnuskepus! ;)

roro sa...

Go, HB! Very exciting to be so close to finishing. I'm sure it will all come together brilliantly. Also, v. sweet to be so well-loved and taken care of in the meantime! curiousstine - you're a good woman.

Since I work at home and my gf has a fancy job, I sometimes end up being the 50's wife. It's a fun role to play for awhile but it falls apart quickly. She knows the dream is over when I start saying things like "Are your legs broken? Get your own damn martini." Feel the love.

Winter sa...

Ooh good luch - so exciting!

It's fun to play the looking after role for a bit I think - but it's only fun because you know it's not going to last very long!