torsdag, november 16, 2006

Mark Morford: Gay Marriage Is Still Evil?

Because the funny thing is, despite all the frantic state bans, no one can really say why

Which reminds me, I still have yet to hear it.

Despite all the right-wing puling, all the Bible-humping and the anti-gay marriage campaigning in all those states that just banned it and how everyone in the nation has apparently been deeply contemplating what hot gay sex must really be like because, oh my God, it sure has been in the news a lot lately (thanks, Pastor Ted!), I still, as of this writing, to this very day, I still have yet to hear a single coherent and comprehensive explanation from the nation's homophobes as to what, exactly, is so wrong about gay love.

Oh, make no mistake, I've heard the theories. I have plenty of hissing, puerile, "fag"-laden hate mail. I've heard the half-baked notions regarding "debauched" morality, the necessity of procreation, the pseudoscientific studies claiming kids are in danger of being "recruited," the quivery references to bitterly homophobic interpretations of biblical passages that somehow "prove" that gay love is immoral, unethical, dangerous. It's all just a bit cute, in a grossly ignorant sort of way.

And yet, one by one, each and every one of these silly ideas has been rather effortlessly disproved, blown to spiritual or intellectual smithereens, discredited to death and/or laughed into oblivion much the way a true scientist shoots wine through his nose at the mention of creationism.

And so still I wait for a real answer.

Read the rest HERE. Great stuff!

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Elizabeth sa...

Well, the big problem is that most men are secretly curious about taking it up the ass from another guy and this scares the shit out of them.

To change the subject, I know someone who is moving to Norway in January. She claims where she's moving (I think Oslo) it's not cold but temperate. I think she's full of shit.

HB sa...

Hello Elizabeth, thanks for visiting! Your friends is in for a surprise, he he. Oslo in January: cold! I know, I've lived there.

Anonym sa...

That's a fabulous article. I'm saving this, as I know I'll have someone to send it to at some point.

Anonym sa...

i'm in law school in the US and i can assure you, there is absolutely no, rational, legal reason to deny the benefits and privelges of marriage to same sex couples. not a single one. no one is even able to posit a legitimate reason that can't be unreasoned in half a second. it's ridiculous. and yet... we are less a democracy and more a theocracy every day. oh well.

Winter sa...

Fantastic. I may have to pinch that link.

Anonym sa...

I enjoyed the link, HB. I sure as hell don't know what the drill is. In my fair state, when I was working the anti-amendment ballot issue, our little office had three bomb-threats during the campaign. It was sick, depressing, and infuriating. There are quite a few folk in this country that pop a nutter on the subject of gays, lesbians, & co.. It would be somewhat humorous, if the consequences weren't so total and so serious.