tirsdag, juni 12, 2007

Photos, June 1, 2007

Seen from the air

Part of the village

Near one of the schools

Near town hall. Later in the summer, the boat is filled with flowers

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bani sa...

Have you ever read Bill Bryson's description of his trip to see the northern lights? :P

So pleased you got the job though! Is NBGF okay with a move so far north?

kimananda sa...

It looks lovely...when's the big move?

Curiousstine sa...

Hi bani! both HB and I have read Bryson's fabulous description of his trip to see the northern lights! and I'm thrilled about us moving to the north - that's where I come from..

by the way, from now on I'm not NBGF anymore - but BGF!

tudelu ;)

HB sa...

Kimananda: In about six weeks:-)

bani sa...

Nice to "see" you, Stine! *wave* I noticed AFTER posting that you were a blogging girlfriend nowadays... ;) I'd amend original comment if I could. 8)

Cool (in all senses *lol*), so you'll be back on home turf?

Curiousstine sa...

yes, bani - back on home turf! finally.. :)