søndag, juli 06, 2008


Happy anniversary to us!

Just outside Birtavarre a few days ago, we went fishing in the evening. Got to see the midnight sun:

Now we're in Harstad:

Going to Bodø tomorrow!

5 kommentarer:

roro sa...

Happy Anniversary, you two! Gorgeous pictures - that beach looks amazing!

Syd sa...

OMG! You have a beach!

Isn't that like a "tits on a nun"?

Looks beautiful.

greymatters sa...

Happy Anniversary! WHOOO-HOOOO!

The photos are (as always) gorgeous. Keep having a great time.

Winter sa...

Happy Anniversary!

HB sa...

Thanks everyone! Glad you like the photos:-)

Syd: tits on a nun, beaches in northern Norway - both are a pleasant surprise when you get to see them, and even more so when you get to enjoy them!;-)