torsdag, august 21, 2008

More summer photos

The first day of our summer holiday - Ifjord mountain on the road between Båtsfjord and Hammerfest. Not the fastest route, but we wanted to drive along the coast. The snow? Yes, that's the end of June in the north of Norway:

Sunny Hammerfest! Taken from the house where the wife lived during our long distance relationship stint last year. Didn't like being apart, but the house and family where she lived in Hammerfest are truly lovely. We keep in touch with them, and stayed there a couple of days on our way south.

Birtavarre, where the in-laws live. 700 km further south than Båtsfjord, and a bit more summery!

3 kommentarer:

greymatters sa...

I really love seeing the pix -- the country looks so gorgeous.

HB sa...

Thank you! If you like nature and cold weather, Norway is not a bad place to visit :-)

Marc sa...

I have never been to Norway but have always dreamed of doing so. These pictures have only made me want to travel there even more. Thank you for this.