fredag, september 12, 2008

Dogs of summer

Pia. A bit shy, but such a sweetheart:

Linus, still a puppy. The wife taught him to walk the stairs while we visited. After he had managed walking them the first time, he ran the stairs up and down like eight times - before collapsing on the floor and falling asleep within two seconds:

Sita. Not a puppy anymore, but she still got lots of energy:

Update: If you want to take a look at the puppies we visited in Båtsfjord yesterday, go here! We'd love to have a dog, but can't because of allergies. Sigh. Still, the owner of these dogs said we could borrow one whenever we wanted to go for a walk:-) He's a "professional" dogowner, and last year he won the 500 km race in Finnmarksløpet, the world's northernmost sled dog race. Not bad!

5 kommentarer:

roro sa...

Awww! Such cute puppies!!

HB sa...

Yes, aren't they!:-)

kitty litter sa...

they're adorable!
*waves hello from Klofta*

Greymatters sa...

What a great bunch o' pups!!!

HB sa...

Kløfta! Are you still there? Photos of the weekend trip to Vardø coming up next:-)