søndag, mai 31, 2009

Go Sweden!

This is so cool! The world's first lesbian bishop! Read all about it here. I like her sense of humour:

When Brunne, who was a pastor in Stockholm for 16 years, was asked what she does to relax in her free time, she answered, “I read crime fiction. And I carve. The things you do to conform to Jesus, huh?”

Her partner Gunilla Lindén, who’s also a pastor, gave birth to their now 3 years old son after they entered a registered partnership. International journalists addressed whether this is a problem for the Swedish church, but Eva Brunne only joked, “Um, why? The backyard of the bishop’s house is really big enough.“

2 kommentarer:

kimananda sa...

Perfect quote, about the backyard being big enough. Indeed, a good example of focusing on the problems that really exist and not wasting time worrying about imaginary ones.

HB sa...

Yes, I thought it was great:-) I hope she keeps her sense of humour in this new job.