fredag, oktober 16, 2009

Dog hair knitting

Thanks to Av en annen verden for helping me discover this great blog: Awful Library Books. Check it out!

Besides watching all the Seeking Simone episodes that I had missed, I've also been catching up on Tanita Tikaram's blog. I think my teenage crush has re-awakened. She's so hot - and funny! Take a look at this:

"There are a couple of photos of me in the supplement of the men's fashion magazine ' Fantastic Man' this month. I'm featured under the headline ' Tanita Tikaram on Modern Health', a subject I know absolutely nothing about, which sort of qualifies me to talk about it in most modern media. I come across as vaguely barmy, not inaccurate, but the barmiest quote of all is completely made up!!

Q : " What do you see when you look in the mirror ?"
A: "I see a teenager. My skin is not aging, and I don't understand why. It's embarrassing to be 40, looking like 16."

Yikes!! I do remember the journalist asking me how old I was and answering that I was going to be 40 this year. How this information has evolved into the self-love fest that is the above quote only the shamanic mind of a trained journalist can reveal. In truth, I hope that when I do look in a mirror I see something more interesting than my age..."

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