mandag, desember 07, 2009

Digested reads

Now I don't have to read "The Humbling" by Philip Roth. (Not that I ever intended to...)

This is from the Guardian's Digested read:
After his release, Axler had retreated to his farmhouse in upstate New York and it was there that Pegeen had visited him. Her parents were old friends and he had known her since she was a baby, suckling at her mother's breast. Now she was 40, a lesbian teaching at a progressive women's college in Vermont. "Have you ever slept with a man?" he asked.

"Not for more than 20 years," Pegeen replied. "But there's something about your arthritic body I find irresistible."

"I can only make love if you're on top of me because my back's playing up," he said, fondling her heavy breasts.

"You're a smooth talking lesbo-converter, Philip . . ."

LOL:-D Read the rest here!

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