tirsdag, juni 13, 2006

Oslo again

Off to a conference in Oslo. I'm looking forward to talks such as From sexual liberation to ‘porn chic’ – historical reflections in a Nordic perspective and Invisibility and desire: Masculinity and the soft-porn approach to gender. Should be fun! Girlfriend will join me on Friday, which is the same day as Skeive dager (gay week) starts. More fun!

Also, they say that the weather in Oslo has been really nice the last few weeks, so the Oslo fjord should be nice and warm, maybe 18-19 degrees. Which is a welcome change from the Trondheim fjord. Although the Trondheim fjord is 12-13 degrees now, which is quite decent compared to my February swim.

I won't let girlfriend forget that I was the first to go swimming in the fjord this year. But I have to give her some credit: three days ago she jumped straight into the water from the diving board (2,5 meters above water) without even testing it. She also had to swim longer to get back to the stairs. While I chose the stairs, and swam like five breast strokes. Two out from the stairs, and three very quick ones to get back to the stairs and out of the water!

3 kommentarer:

roro sa...

Wow. I'm impressed by BOTH your and your gf's swimming prowess.

Hope Oslo is great - Gay Week is starting here pretty soon too! The gays . . . it's like they KNOW. Or maybe they just like the summer, 'cause then guys can take their tops off . . .

Syd sa...

OMG, you women are crazy.

I would totally do it with you though. Um...jump in the water that is.

HB sa...

Roro: Oslo was great! Unfortunately the biggest parties are NEXT weekend, but we still had a good time:-)

Syd: let me know when the weather is reelly hot at your place, and I'll send "12 degrees in the fjord-vibes"!