torsdag, februar 08, 2007


It is cold (-16 degrees this morning), and I have a cold. I don't even want whisky - so I guess I'm REALLY ill;-) So, plans for the day:

- make a bum imprint on the sofa
- read lots of comic books
- drink lots of tea
- the moment I feel a little better, drink whisky. I'm sure it will help.
- see the Harry Potter-movies again
- sleep
- when my girlfriend is back from work: feel a little worse again, and certainly way to weak to make my own tea. Or get my own chocolate. Or change the dvd in the dvd-player.

7 kommentarer:

Zoe sa...

Definitley work the I'm too weak angle, but not too much. Feel better soon.

roro sa...

Sounds like a pretty great day you have planned, aside from the deadly illness. It's a fact that being coddled by your not-sick girlfriend boosts your immune system. Work it!

Drowngirl sa...

Here it is cold, but nothing compare with the temperatures in Norway!!haha..well, hope you'll get well soon...

Syd sa...

Damn! That's brutal. I saw a picture taken in Norway that appeared as though moving water had actually frozen. Does that really happen? OMG!

Hope you are feeling better. My GF is doing the whiskey thing for her cold too. She doesn't bother with the pretense of adding honey and lemon anymore. Straight up, baby.

bani sa...

Yes, WHERE did the cold COME from? And I'mnot able to fit my belly inside my jacket anymore. :(

I'm considering telling your gf on you, you naughty woman. *tuts*

Vesper sa...

so cute! hope you're feeling better!

HB sa...

Thanks for the comments and get well-wishes everyone! It cheered me up a lot:-)