søndag, februar 18, 2007

Tea and lazy dog

The cold is gone, fortunately! I didn't get as pampered as I hoped, because girlfriend had a cold too. And she had to work. So it was more:

HB: A cup of tea would be lovely.
GF: I know. It's your turn.

or in the morning:

HB: A cup of tea would be great.
GF: Yes. I made the last cup last night, so..
HB: It's my turn. How about this - you make tea now, and then I can make tea two times in a row later today?
GF: No.
HB: Or I could start the kettle, and then YOU make the tea? Or...
GF: How about this - you get your ass out of bed and make tea NOW, instead of getting a pillow in your mouth?
HB: On my way.

Remember this dog:

The same dog in winter:

Actually, the last two photos are lying. The dog was tearing through the snow like a tornado - but my camera got too cold, so it didn't work! But I'm sure you can imagine it: dry, powdery snow and a dog with A LOT of energy :-)

4 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

hahaha, good for your GF standing her ground. We can't let you get away with shit like this. No telling what will be next!

That GD dog picture makes me LOL every time.

HB sa...

Too true, no telling! I fear I'm already pretty spoiled, though :-)

roro sa...

Hilarious. Good for your girlfriend. "I'll make tea twice in a row" - HA! I've heard THAT before.

That picture of the dog sprawled on the couch? That's how I feel today.

HB sa...

She had heard it before too, obviously...

If you're feeling like that, I hope there's a comfy couch near you! :-)