tirsdag, august 07, 2007

Sea rafting from Båtsfjord to Syltefjord

Getting ready!

Starting out from Båtsfjord:

Makkaur Lighthouse:

Stauran, a place that is very popular amongst the birds. We even saw two sea eagles!

Syltefjord. People normally lives here only during summer, the road closes during winter.

The local cafe:

Going back to the boat:

7 kommentarer:

Curiousstine sa...

Fine bilda, snuppa!!

greymatters sa...

Great photos, hb. How beautiful the landscape (or would that be fjordscape ...?? LOL)

bani sa...

How lucky you are to live in such beauty!

Curiousstine sa...

After a closer look I see that you're still wearing your ring (*Is it hidden, is it safe..?*
Spring, kuklæsta!!)

You and Erna going on a nice little tour - he he!

HB sa...

Yes, the landscape/fjordscape is wonderful! I'm looking forward to the other seasons up here - even the dark winter:-)

Curious: he he! It is not hidden, but it is safe:-)

roro sa...

Gorgeous! Looking forward to further photos (you know, when I'm not watching the town on webcam) . . .

HB sa...

I don't think you can watch this town on webcam, unfortunately:-) So I'll make sure there are photos. But first my wife need to bring the thingy so that I can transfer photos from my camera. (The photos in this post is from a camera I borrowed.)