mandag, september 10, 2007


As you might have guessed - I'm a little busy at the moment, learning to be a headmaster. It's busy, but also very interesting and fun!

During work hours there's no time for blogging nor blog reading. And I don't have internet at home. On the other hand: in the evenings I have time to read a lot of books! I read 24 books in August, that's a new record for me. (Now I have TV, so it probably won't happen again.)

No promises for the next few weeks - but at some point there will be photos... :-)

5 kommentarer:

greymatters sa...


It sounds like everything is going swimmingly for you in your new home/job. Good to hear from you.

Vesper sa...

headmaster? wow! isn't that what we call a "principal" over here?

bani sa...

Wow, you're a BOSS! :O

kimananda sa...

So, what does it mean in reality to be a headmaster? It sounds like a lot of work.

HB sa...

He he - although it's fun and interesting to be the big boss, it IS a lot of work! I'm still a bit overwhelmed. I'm learning something new everyday. Unfortunately there is not much time nor energy for blogging at the moment. But I plan to be back at some point!:-)