fredag, desember 19, 2008

Swimming in November

Earlier on
I bragged about going swimming - here's the proof!

It's two o'clock, and already dark of course. I have to admit we cheated a little bit - there's a sauna nearby! Still, some people opted out. They prefered to drink a small brandy, while watching and telling us how brave we were:-)

Here's the beach while there's some daylight:

6 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

You are fucking CRAZY!! LOL!!

greymatters sa...

Oh, come on Syd?! I triple-dog-dare you ...

What a great time (and yeah, I'd do it -- perhaps NOT in a bikini, but ..).

roro sa...

I can't even cope with the idea of swimming in water that cold. You ARE crazy!! Awesome photos!

greymatters sa...

Since I might not get a chance:

Happy Christmahanukwanzafestivakah to you and yours. May 2009 be a great, good year for you as well.

HB sa...

Syd: you need maybe a LITTLE craziness, but great speed as you run into the water is more important. So that you don't have time to change your mind!

GM: you'd do it naked?!? Kudos!

Roro: thanks! Sitting in front of the fireplace right now - that's nice too! I'll wait a couple of months before swimming again:-)

GM: happy new year! Both the wife and I had a huge cold during the holidays, so let's hope 2009 turns out to be fun and healthy!

Winter sa...

I did once run into the sea on Boxing day but that was in Wales so not the same thing at all.