onsdag, januar 07, 2009

Snowy weather

This is a photo of our house! In the background you can see the wife trying to shovel some snow. Go here if you want to see more photos from yesterday's weather in Båtsfjord! Click "Neste bilde" to see next photo.

We've had this kind of weather the last couple of days. The mountain road is closed, and the stores have run out of milk! Yesterday the schools were closed. It's not often it is like this, fortunately. Today it is already a little better, so maybe they'll open the road tomorrow.

5 kommentarer:

vesperinlimbo sa...

Looks like blizzard weather!

Syd sa...

Holy SHIT! Schools closed in Norway...because of snow? That shocks me.

Not that I blame them, of course.

Winter sa...

In the UK we close everything even if it's just a little flurry of snow. We don't do weather over here. Best to be on the safe side.

HB sa...

Vesper and Syd: yes, it was blizzard weather! I could barely see a few meters, they couldn't keep the roads clear, and the little kids' school bus couldn't drive. Fortunately it was that bad for just one day. I think the kids wanted it to last longer!:-)

Winter: yes, I remember when I lived in London that the traffic stopped because of two inches of snow. LOL!

greymatters sa...

Wow! Just wow ... I thought all the snow in Chicago (MV's home) was formidible? EEEEEK!