tirsdag, juli 18, 2006

Home again

So holidays are over for now. After we went to Oslo/Tønsberg we were home just a couple of days, and then we took a plane to Tromsø, the north of Norway. So I have LOADS of photos from both the south of Norway and the North. Or the places we went to anyway, there's quite a bit more to see:-)

Starting with the drive from Trondheim down to Oslo/Tønsberg. I have to say, this part of Norway is a little more boring than I remembered before the drive. Or MAYBE the landscape got boring because I was bored, sitting for 8 hours in a hot car without air condition:-) Anyway, along the route that we chose (the shortest one), there's lots of forest, and lots of farm land. Like this:

Sorry about the Monet-like quality of this photo. I learned that it's hard taking photos from a car driving 90 km/h. Though I suspected that already before this trip.

Still a bit of snow here and there, as you can see.

And more farmland...

The next post will feature photos that are NOT taken from a passenger seat. Stay tuned! There will be sunsets. And kittens!

4 kommentarer:

roro sa...

Beautiful photos! Sunsets, kittens - who needs 'em? Give me rolling hills any time.

Syd sa...

OMG, that last pic is heavenly.

Seriously, I have been dying for you to get back and post pics.

More! More! Now! Please?

HB sa...

Roro: thanks! And yes, didn't Katr make a poster about rolling hills? Or mounds?

Syd: your wish is my command - within reason, that is.. :-) I'll see what I can do tomorrow!

Syd sa...

HAHA, you know me well enough to stick a disclaimer on that wish/command thing. hahaha