mandag, juli 03, 2006

Hvar, Croatia

We're back from our week in Hvar, a small island not that far from Split. My holiday journal is half-filled with my daily blabberings of the week's events, and now I'm going to share EVERYTHING that happened with you. Only kidding! :-) Instead I'm going to quote Maureen Lipman: "if a holiday isn't disastrous then there's nothing to write about." It wasn't disastrous, it was wonderful! We had sun and warm weather the whole week, we went swimming every day and we drank great local beer. Here are some photos.

Town of Hvar

The path from the town towards our hotel
The view from the old (16th century) fortification above Hvar
Favourite place to swim and sun bathe

5 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

Stunning photos. Even more beautiful than I imagined. Thanks for sharing!

roro sa...

Oh my god, HB. You made me spew coffee all over my screen with your "daily blabberings". Seriously - I laughed so hard I cried.

The place looks beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful time. You guys deserved it!!

bani sa...

It's nice to have you back! So Croatia is worth a visit then? It's looks lovely....

HB sa...

Thanks, Syd!

Bani: Croatia is definately worth a visit! We'd love to go there again in a few years time. Maybe next time we'll visit the mainland a bit further north, around Rijeka.

Roro: I thought you might recognise that sentence;-)

kimananda sa...

That water looks so blue-green and exotic!