fredag, juli 21, 2006

Photos from the places we stayed

One of the places we stayed. They had kids, six and two years old, and we played with them while the parents made dinner for us. I was painfully reminded of how much energy kids have.

This is where I had collapsed in heap after jumping around on this thing, while the six-year-old is still going strong.

I promised you



I? :-)

And sunsets:

Next up: photos from the north of Norway.

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Syd sa...

I was headed over here to whine & moan for pics. Never mind.

The pic of the little girl is totally an awesome pic. I hope you send it to her parents.

I'll be patient now (as much as *I* can be).

BTW, you are to thank for giving me the idea for this post.

Vesper sa...

beautiful. i love the kitty pics.

HB sa...

Thank you, both of you! I got several photos of the girl goofing around on that thing*, if I put them together it would make a great Christmas present.

*I don't know what it's called in English, in Norwegian it's called "trampoline".

greymatters sa...

How beautiful. Great pics there, hb.

roro sa...

I don't know what's cuter, the kittens or the kid on the trampoline. Maybe you could Photoshop a picture of the kid AND a kitten on the trampoline and BLOW OUR MINDS!!

Looks like a fabulous place - gorgeous sunsets.

Syd sa...

Oh, damn. Roro, we totally should have put our heads together and told her the name in English was... I don't know, something nasty. LOL.

Still waiting for pictures.

I hope you know I'm just "bustin' your balls") - Sure hope you've heard that English slang or else I might find myself banned from here. :)

HB sa...

I've heard the slang, so no worries. Right know I'm cleaning the balcony floor - dusty, tiring work - before painting it. (I'd love some of that police tape now, syd!) After that there will be photos:-)

kimananda sa...

Wow, I go away for a while, and you post pictures! Loads and loads of beautiful pictures! Note to self, check out hb's blog more often.

I especially love your kid on a trampoline one...just an amazing sense of motion. But what I'd like to see is pics of your hometown...any chance of that happening? It's the one place in Norway I'll be for sure visiting (as Thor has relatives there), and I'd love a preview.

HB sa...

Of course, kimananda! I've actually thought about doing a photo safari in Trondheim, take pictures of my favourite places. But the north of Norway will come first:-) Also: the kid on the trampoline was photographed by my girlfriend - can't take credit for that one. But at least it's my camera:-)

Vesper sa...

p.s. i really like how you organized your blogs. very cool idea.

Winter sa...

The sunsets are just gorgeous!

And the kittens too.

HB sa...

Thanks, Vesper! feel free to use it:-)

Thanks Winter:-) I love sunsets - and they are so much easier to catch than sunrises!:-)

Tiram sa...

Kitties! :)