torsdag, januar 11, 2007


Tofu Will Make You Gay!
This just in: Soy will turn your kid into a fey girly man with a very small penis. Also: God hates vegans
Mark Morford's column


The only way to begin a new year is with optimism. No matter how bad it is, personally or globally, we need to believe that there will be a change, and that we can work towards change. I don’t know why our minds are so powerful, but I know that they are, and that our attitude affects much more than can be proved.
Jeanette Winterson's column

This is a comic strip that echoes Bani's thoughts about lutefisk. It's the strip under October 27th.

Nemi is one of my favourite Norwegian comic strips. But I think Pondus and M are even more fun.

This is an M comic strip - the writer has obviously seen Brokeback Mountain... :-)

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kimananda sa...

You are my cool reading guru. :-) Although I must confess that Nemi translates quite badly into an English context somehow...I have only started to appreciate her now that I'm in Scandinavia, for some reason.

HB sa...

Thanks! :-) That's interesting, about Nemi. I wonder why? Though I think the cartoonist, Lise Myhre, was kind of surprised that it became so popular in Norway (and Scandinavia). She thought only certain sub cultures would like the comic strips - I remember reading that in an interview.

roro sa...

Oh my god, that Tofu Will Make You Gay article nearly killed me. So awful and hilarious. Thanks for the great links! Makes it easier to procrastinate!

HB sa...

Glad I could help. Yay procrastination! ;-)

Vesper sa...

i'm allergic to soy. luckily, i'm already pretty much gay. ;) half gay anyway. hehe.

bani sa...

Har har, great strip!

Pondus is Norwegian? I always assumed Danish. You know, kinda sexist, and lots of beer. Not that I'm prejudiced or nuthin'...