mandag, januar 08, 2007

The Poetics of Desire

Throw away your papers tonight
put aside your pen
let your fingers
write on my body,
an empty page
a word,
a sentence,
write a poem
if your syntax hurts my skin
if I sigh, if I moan
just tighten your embrace
if your fingers stammer
dip them in darkness
and start again
fill up my margins
suffocate me with your grammar
proofread the madness
you have created
erase with your lips
any mistakes
your fingers make
read to me
what you have written
see the pages of my life
come alive
in your fingers

-- Rina Singh

There will be a proper post soon! Just busy at the moment, I'm preparing a series of lectures for the bachelor students here at uni. (Not all of them, fortunately! Just the ones who studies history of religion/science of religion.) I've had lectures before, but this is my first ever series of lectures. So naturally I want to be prepared and do well. My first lecture is tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed. Tomorrow evening I will definately throw away my papers and put aside my pen;-)

5 kommentarer:

Andygrrl sa... That poem is hot. It must be Hot Poetry Month or something. I should participate.

roro sa...

Whew. Hot indeed. I feel like I might need to open a window. And then take an ice bath.

Good luck with your lecture!!

HB sa...

Andygrrl: Yes, please participate!

Roro: thanks! Ice baths are recommended. I did one last winter, so this winter the goal is to do two. Perhaps with photos too, this time, to prove that I really did it:-)

greymatters sa...



The poetry was hot enough ... ;-).

I hope the lecture went well!!

HB sa...

The lecture went well, fortunately! A nice bunch of people. Because it's still early days, I thougth just 6-7 students would show. I was kind of shocked when I opened the door, and more than 30 people were sitting there! But they were all attentive, and no-one left during the first break:-)