søndag, januar 28, 2007

Snow mobile trip

While visiting my girlfriend's parents, we borrowed my father-in-law's snow mobile, and went to the mountains. We drove in the middle of the day, so that we would have as much day light as possible.

Taking these photos, I started here:

.. and then I just turned 360 degrees - taking photos:

Coming back to where I started:

This ought to give you an idea about what the landscape a few hours away from Tromsø looks like in winter. And also how the winter daylight looks. I think it's absolutely beautiful. And breathtaking.

Sometimes literally breathtaking, because it's so cold! But I was certainly dressed for winter on that snow mobile trip:

This is girlfriend's photo, taken when we were almost back home again. Who wants to go for a swim?? :-)

6 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

Okay, I feel like a total pussy for saying it's cold here.

Nice pics, especially the last one.

kimananda sa...

Oh, no swimming for me, thanks! ;-) But it looks so inviting with that beautiful blue color.

Drowngirl sa...

What a wonderful photos and landscapes!!..
by the way congratulations for your blog

Vesper sa...


roro sa...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous photos! Count me in for swimming! Can't believe that's "daylight" - amazing. Like Syd, I feel like a pussy for complaining about how grey and foggy it is here.

HB sa...

Thanks everyone:-) And thanks for visiting, drowngirl!

The "daylight" is amazing. I think it's actually around these days that the in-laws will see the sun in the valley again. Up in the mountains it's been back for 10 days or so. I have to say I'm glad I live so far south that the sun doesn't go away completely. But to visit the North on a winter holiday is great!