søndag, juni 01, 2008

August 2007. Photos

I think I promised to post photos like 8 months ago. *cough*
Well, here's a start!

Flying up to Båtsfjord

The area where I lived my first six months in Båtsfjord

The neighbourhood 1

The neighbourhood 2

The neighbourhood 3

6 kommentarer:

roro sa...

Gorgeous shots, especially the last one. Glad you made it through the winter!!

HB sa...

Hi roro! Wow - I didn't expect anyone to still check out this blog! This was a nice surprise:-) I'll post more photos tonight.

Yes, I've made it through the winter, and this school year! It's been stressful, but very interesting. I look forward to next school year, now that I have more of a clue about what my job is:-) But first - summer holidays!! I plan to have 5 weeks off, starting in the end of June. Yay!

greymatters sa...

How gorgeous!

And it is VERY good to see you back posting! Whooo-HOOOOO!

tastykakes sa...

i found your blog when i started researching a trip to scandanavia with my partner. i've been checking it for months. well now i'm in balestrand and you've finally updated your blog. what a coincidence. your country is lovely.

HB sa...

Thanks, greymatters:-)

tastykakes: oh no! Now I feel guilty! But, yeah, what a coincidence:-) I haven't been to Balestrand, but my wife has, some years ago. She says it's beautiful there. I hope you have a nice trip around Scandinavia!

kimananda sa...

Yay! I've been looking for your big comeback for ages! And with such gorgeous photos! I'm all exclamation points!!! :-D