torsdag, juni 05, 2008

October 2007. Photos

The area around Hammerfest is quite all right too:

...but I didn't go for a swim this time:-)

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marconeuro sa...

I don't know if is it nicer the environment or you, I can came to visit? "La meglio Gioventu'" Marco Tullio Giordana

HB sa...

Mille grazie, I guess? The visit-part is a little creepy, though.

greymatters sa...

LOLOL @ the above.

Uhhh ... sure, HB, go for a swim. Yeesh, it looks as cold as it is beautiful!

tastykakes sa...

now that i've hopped the pond to visit your country, i'm not so sure about the accuracy of your blog title. it's been hot in oslo.

HB sa...

GM: it IS cold. Even in summmer the ocean doesn't really warm up much. 5-6 degrees celcius, maybe.

tastykakes: we've been quite envious of oslo the last couple of weeks! Here it's been snowing on and off the last couple of days. It melts as soon as it lands on the ground, but STILL. A bit of sun, and day where I don't need to wear gloves would be nice:-)