tirsdag, juni 03, 2008

September 2007. Photos

Taking a photo from the airport just outside
Vadsø. I've traveled quite a lot around Finnmark this last year, both because of the job and because me and my wife lived 500 kilometres apart September to January. We soon discovered we prefer to live a lot closer together. Like in the same house:-)

Old warehouse in Båtsfjord. Or it could be a place where they used to work with seafood processing. There used to be 30-40 places like that back in the days. Now there's just two left. It's cheaper to send the fish to China, process it there, and then send it back to Norwegian stores! I'm thinking more expensive petrol might change that.

Båtsfjord, small lighthouse. When we go for a small Sunday walk (because the weather is shitty, or because we're lazy) we usually walk along the fjord in this area.

2 kommentarer:

kimananda sa...

I love the lighthouse. And cheaper to send the fish to China, process it and send it back? Wow. If I were not in an infant-related stupor, I'd have something interesting to say about how that reflects on global politics and globalization....

HB sa...

Takk:-) Og gratulerer med en nydelig jente! Håper dere alle tre har det fint i denne nye fasen av livet:-)