onsdag, september 13, 2006

Guess where we are going tomorrow?

Remember I lost a bet?

Will be back next week:-)

8 kommentarer:

greymatters sa...

Excellent! I hope you and the groovy gf enjoy yourselves muchly.

Syd sa...

And I hope we pictures before December.

greymatters sa...

I want to see pix before October.

GM is high-maintenance ;-).

HB sa...

Compromise: there'll be pictures before November;-)

London was great! I need to get up to date with work, then I'll be blogging. Soon... (he he)

Syd sa...

Your poor girlfriend. Living with such a tease.

greymatters sa...

Fine, fine, hb. Split the monthly difference ... lol.

I'm glad you and the groovy gf had such a good time. That's what counts. Not that you won't get razzed until pictures show up on your blog.

Jamie sa...

I haven't been to your blog in ages, lost the link from my favourites, found you again :-)

Hope London was all you hoped!

HB sa...

Syd: ha ha, let's say that my girlfriend and I deserve eachother! What goes around comes around:-)

GM: "razzed", that's a new word for me. I can guess what it means, though!

Jamie: glad you found me again!:-) London was great, as always! It was the fourth time we visited together, and my 9th time (counting the year I lived there as once). And we'll be back. Perhaps we'll be lucky enough to catch one of your shows next time!