lørdag, september 09, 2006

Photos from the North - part 2

The in-laws live very close to the mountains.

This photo is taken from the in-laws garden. You see that smoke? That's the dust made by huge boulders, that have just come tumbling down the mountain side. When it's snow, I know it's called an "avalanche" in English. But what's the word when it's rocks? In Norwegian: "ras". Anyway, it was awesome! It sounded like distant thunder. I wasn't scared, because I could see that the rocks wouldn't land near us. And also because my father-in-law merely glanced up at the mountain and said "that's just a small one". Then he went back to working in the garden. I was a bit more excited, and took like 20 photos, hee hee:-)

This photo is taken at around 1 AM. In July, the sun doesn't set. Still the sunshine or light during the night is different from daylight. It's softer, not so bright. I really like it. The first time I experienced the midnight sun, I was 13. My father and I travelled around Finnmark (the northernmost county in Norway), visiting relatives. I remember waking up at 3 AM one night, because of laughter and noise outside my bedroom window. When I peaked out I saw a local family, parents and three small kids, on their way to the beach for a picnic! I thought it was wonderful, it seemed very holiday-ish and fun.

6 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

Those photos are so freaking cool!!

I'm afraid I would never sleep if the sun didn't set. How cool!

Thank you, thank you. I'll get off your ass (a little) now.

HB sa...

Thanks, Syd. I don't want you off my ass, you know;-)

roro sa...

Great pictures - and I think English for "ras" is probably "rock slide". We're so literal-minded.

I'm with Syd - with the midnight sun, I'd never sleep. But if it looks that gorgeous, who'd want to sleep in the first place?

HB sa...

Ok, rock slide. Thanks! But "avalanche" isn't that literal-minded, is it?

You'd both sleep if you get some very good blinds! But, yes, when it's gorgeous, why sleep? Even local people tend to enjoy the midnight sun as much as they can (hence the picnic in the middle of the night), and save sleep for rainy nights or the dark winter.

Syd sa...

Hell yeah! I'm gettin' some ass!!

That's not what you meant? Oh.

HB sa...

Hee hee:-)