mandag, september 11, 2006

Photos from the North - part 3

The in-laws has a lovely, lovely dog. Sweet-tempered and playful. Their only worry is that she is too thin. They went to the vet and got advice on what food to give her. She gained a little more weight, but she's still quite slim. I suspect it is because most of the time she's behaving like this:

And like this.

It is very hard to get her to look straight into the camera...

But we finally managed! I have to admit, in the photo I'm looking a lot more outdoorsy than I actually am:-) Hmm - is "outdoorsy" a real word?

5 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

Those dog pics are tooo GD funny! I'm still LMAO. What's in that food, raw sugar?

Killer pants. Have to tell you, you do outdoorsy quite well.

HB sa...

Ha ha, I wouldn't be surprised!:-)

And thanks! They're my outdoorsy-pants.

Syd sa...

I keep coming back to look at those dog pics. I just can't tell you how funny this is to me.

greymatters sa...

Outdoorsy is an entirely appropriate word! You look great!

HB sa...

I love these speedy/jumping photos too! Imagine having all that energy.

Thanks, GM! Perhaps I should do outdoorsy more often:-)