fredag, september 29, 2006

London - and hey! Look at the date!

Blackfriar Bridge. We're walking along the Thames, on our way to Tate Modern (Girlfriend's photo).

The hustle and bustle of the main street through Notting Hill. But then, just a few steps away:

The peace and quiet of Notting Hill.

Kensington Gardens. We're sitting on a bench eating a sandwich. Behind us, the noise of the traffic. In front of us, as you can see; shimmering quietness.

The local wildlife. (Girlfriend's photo.)

The London Eye (Girlfriend's photo).

Tower Bridge (Girlfriend's photo).

The Cutty Sark-ship on (in?) Greenwich.

6 kommentarer:

HB sa...

I BETTER get some credit for posting the pics so soon!;-) Hope you all have a great weekend!

Syd sa... soon as I pick myself up off the floor.

Thanks, HB. Great photos...even if you DID make your GF do all the work.

roro sa...

I'm swooning - how I love London! Thank your GF for the fine photos and thank you for posting. Clearly I'll be exchanging my Toronto ticket for London later today . . .

greymatters sa...

ROTFLMAO. I am so cracking up here, HB. Great photos!

bani sa...

I've missed commenting on your blog... been lazy lately. Great photos!

HB sa...

Syd: my girlfriend likes playing with the camera, so it wasn't really work, I think:-)

Roro: London is great! On the other hand, so is probably Toronto. I just can't compare them yet!

GM: thanks! It's good to see that everyone appreciates my speedy effort:-)

Bani. fint å se deg igjen! And I know all about being lazy now and then, he he.