mandag, desember 25, 2006

God jul!

Yesterday ("julaften") was the big day in Norway, and it was a splendid day for us. Girlfriend made an excellent juleribbe, we drank "juleøl" (Christmas beer) and a little bit of akvavit. We celebrated with my parents, and they were very pleased with not having to cook themselves. Even my father, who is 83 and don't have much of an apetite these days, really dug in. It was good to see.

Today is kind of a boring day - in a good way. Some people go to church, some visit their family. We stayed with my family yesterday, and girlfrend's family live too far away to go on a short visit. And we're not going to church. So this year, today is dedicated to relaxation. Girlfriend announced she was going to sleep as long as she wanted to. Currently she's succeeding. Me, even if I decide to sleep REALLY long, I'm usually awake around 11 am. So I've been listening to the radio, and reading the papers that I haven't had time to read earlier. Lovely:-) It happens too rarely, but it is SO great with a day with absolutely no plans. Except eating more marzipan and Christmas cookies and drinking tea. And maybe a whisky.

God jul alle sammen! Hope you're having a great day!

4 kommentarer:

greymatters sa...

I like the ribs recipe! Coolness (especially on the beer and vodka)!

My gf went back to bed, stating she was sleeping until .... whenever. Good for yours!

Happy Holidays to you, the gf, and the family!

bani sa...

Glad you had a good time! We mix traditions and celebrate two days in a row, and don't scale it down until Annandagen... We had the kids doing a treasure hunt for their presents from Santa this morning, with clues and everything. It was excellent. :D Recommended!

Jamie sa...

Belated Christmas wishes, how we love long lazy days. Nothing to do today except to chill out and relax :-)

roro sa...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! And I think it's highly important to follow such a busy day with a "no plans" day. Good thinking!