torsdag, desember 14, 2006

I don't like Campari

... but perhaps I should give it another try. Thank you After Ellen.

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Syd sa...

I don't like the stuff the either. But, I'm willing to make the "sacrifice". Wow.

Syd sa...

Oh, and this is O/T, but what the hell are you people thinking?

I'm evil, I know. But that made me LOL.

Zoe sa...

I buy anything she's selling.

HB sa...

Syd: I remember that story, and I laughed too... That being said, I think Norway could make more money from whale safaris and tourism, than whaling. I guess the whales would be happier too.

How did you come across "Aftenposten"?!?

Zoe: me too!

Kind of off topic: Has anyone seen "Ugly Betty"? Is it good?

kimananda sa...

Yep, Salma Hayek could sell most anything, I'd think.

Bani sa...

Syd, in Sweden we tell these jokes in which the Norwegians are always the dumb ones - don't you love it when reality is better than any story? ;)

You lesbians are all sexist. *sniff*

Ugly Betty wasn't remotely as amusing as I'd thought. :( I figured it'd be an amusing hour on a Tuesday, but I can't be bothered watching it. It's sort of slow and obvious.

greymatters sa...

I've not watched "Ugly Betty", so I can't say anything on that topic.

I *DO* like an occassional Campari w/ soda water, with a twist of lime. It is a spring ritual for me to go to my favorite little bistro, and sit outside and sip a Campari and soda, while watching the chicks ... oops, I mean women, walk by as the warm sun shines after a lousy winter.

And even if I didn't like Campari, I think I would now. I'd drink anything she served up ... oh yes.

HB sa...

Bani: Thanks for the info. Jeg skal ha lave forventninger når serien kommer til Norge da.. :-)

GM: I like the sound of your Campari recipe. Especially if the bistro, women and sunshine is included!