onsdag, desember 13, 2006

One doesn’t have to share every dream

HB: I had this dream last night.

Girlfriend: Yeah?

HB: I was kissing a woman. Not you.

Girlfriend: Really.

HB: And I sort of knew that I shouldn’t do it, you were skirting the edges of my mind.

Girlfriend: I’ll bet.

HB: But then she leaned towards me, and I simply couldn’t resist. I put my hand on the back of her head, and pulled her towards me, and then we kissed for quite some time. It was wonderful. Really, really good.

Girlfriend: Huh.

HB: Afterwards I knew that this could never happen again, because I’m together with you. So you see? Even in my dreams I’m TOTALLY devoted to you!

Girlfriend: Right. Totally.

HB: *cough* Yeah, well, anyway... Good night, darling. Uh... sweet dreams.

6 kommentarer:

Syd sa...

LOL. You dunce.

Zoe sa...

I thought I was the only one who was dumb enough to share those dreams with my beloved.

bani sa...

The smartest people can sometimes be the very dumbest. ROFL.

I too had a dream once that I was kissing a woman - having sex even, or attempting too. It was very frustrating and unappealing on the whole, since I am Very Straight. It took an enormous amount of energy, even though I was asleep and dreaming, and I was tired all next day.

And yes, I told my husband. *lol*

roro sa...

Ha ha ha - yeah, that's the kind of dream I keep to myself. Unless I was kissing Gina Torres. And then you'd ALL KNOW ABOUT IT.

Vesper sa...


HB sa...

Syd: ha ha, I had to look up the word "dunce". You're right!

Zoe: obviously not :-)

Bani: Too true! My master's degree certainly was no help here, he he.

Roro: And we'd all WANT to know about it!

Vesper: Indeed. (I'm guessing this is the symbol-version of Syd's comment..)