torsdag, desember 28, 2006

The Day Flies Off Without Me

The planes bound for all points everywhere
etch lines on my office window. From the top floor
London recedes in all directions, and beyond:
the world with its teeming hearts.

I am still, you move, I am a point of reference on a map;
I am at zero meridian as you consume the longitudes.
The pact we made to read our farewells exactly
at two in the afternoon with you in the air
holds me like a heavy winter coat.

Your unopened letter is in my pocket, beating.

John Stammers

I had to read this poem twice, the second time slowly - and when reading it the second time it became really beautiful. Read more about the poet here.

5 kommentarer:

Vesper sa...

very nice. i like it.

greymatters sa...

Thank you, HB. Thank you.

roro sa...

Mmmm. Nice.

Vesper sa...

happy new year!!

HB sa...

Glad you liked it :-)

Happy new year! Godt nytt år!