fredag, mars 30, 2007

Almost holiday

And I was kind of joking when I said in a comment that I'd post photos in April, then it turned out to be almost true! But - now I have corrected a load of essays, I have written the lecture I'm having in an hour, and I have started thinking about the next lecture. So no work this weekend! Just play and fun, and hopefully, as much sunshine as we've had during the week (when I've been stuck inside the office). And maybe it will be almost warm enough to sit outside, and look at people, and drink coffee?

"Bakklandet", a popular area in Trondheim. Not mine, stole it from this person.

2 kommentarer:

roro sa...

That sounds lovely! Hope you have a fabulous, work-free weekend! I forget how much I enjoy spring until it starts happening. And then I force people to sit outside with me, even when it's a little too cold. Wusses!

HB sa...

It WAS lovely! A little too cold to sit outside, though. I'm a wuss. But coffee tastes good inside, too:-)