onsdag, mars 21, 2007


Today this blog is two years old! I kind of forgot about it last year, probably because I was trying to finish a chapter for my master's thesis. So, what's happened in two years?

- I've made 92 posts (which is what other people write in three weeks)

- I've found some really cool people online! I wish I could invite you all for cake and whisky:-)

- I finished my master's thesis! Yay!

- I haven't got a proper job yet. Right now I'm part time lecturing at uni, but after June, who knows.

- I've gone swimming in winter! I meant to do it this year, too, but I've kind of kept postponing it... It's probably too late now, as it's technically spring. I mean, now it's sunny and a balmy + 3 degrees Celsius outside (37 degrees Fahrenheit)! So to go for a dip now is not proper winter swimming, the tough old ladies (who swim every week all year) would scoff.

- I've been to London, Croatia, and around Norway. This year we're thinking about Greece for the summer holidays, but we haven't decided yet. Any recommendations?

- I'm still with the lovely, lovely girlfriend! :-D She's been mentioned, or had the star role, in quite a few posts.

- I've learned to like whisky. I started out with Irish, but right now I'm drinking Scottish whisky most. Though I still really like Irish. Hmm, the bottom line is that I drink more whisky, I think.

- I still love poetry! And today is World Poetry Day! I'm proud to have my blogoversary on the same day.

Have you heard? Cold in Norway is two years old today!

Woo hoo! That's wonderful! Although I think HB should have posted a bit more often...

...and spent less time gazing at strange sculptures in Tromsø kulturhus.

10 kommentarer:

Sharon sa...

Happy Blogoversary to you!

We're currently living in thesis hell. Congratulations on getting yours done.

roro sa...

How delightful and appropriate that your blogoversary should fall on World Poetry Day! I've enjoyed your 92 posts and all the poetry immensely. Congrats! And thank you for an excuse to eat cake! xoxo

Syd sa...

You old timer. Two years is forever in blogging terms.

...and I'm so freaking envious of your vacation spots. At least you do (eventually) share pics with us.

HB sa...

Sharon: thank you, and thanks for stopping by:-) Good luck with living through the thesis roller coaster!

Roro: thank you, thank you! And I'll alert you to any cake eating events that might occur:-)

Syd: I know! It seems like yesterday.. well, actually, it doesn't:-) I'm thinking about posting some Trondheim pics next. Sometime next month, maybe;-)

bani sa...

Congratulations! And I like to think of you as merely more select in your postings... :P

greymatters sa...

Happy Blogiversary, HB!

Yippee! Whisky sounds like a perfect way to celebrate this milestone/occassion.

Jamie sa...

Congrats on your milestone

I must admit I am having the two year itch, kinda bored with blogging at the moment, too much going on else where I guess

I did however post pics of our new kittens today :-)

HB sa...

Thanks, bani! Select... I like it!:-)

GM: thank you! Whisky is excellent when something needs celebrating! Like, "hey, I watered the plants today! [insert singing of holiday! Celebrate!]" ;-)

Thanks, jamie! Hope you're patient and stick with it, I like your blog:-)

Vesper sa...

happy anniversary!!! :)

Zoe sa...

Happy Anniversary. Wow two years. Here's to many more.