torsdag, mars 01, 2007


I've seen Bloodrayne, so now you don't have to. You know how some movies are SO bad, that they're almost good? The stilted conversation in Bloodrayne made me think it had potential to be in that category, but in the end: this movie is just bad.

EVEN with Kristanna Loken and Michelle Rodriguez fighting underwater.

I'm blaming the director, Uwe Boll. This movie could have been a lot better, because there are some really good actors here. I hope they at least had fun while shooting it.

Rob Vaux has more to say:

"Boll, to put it mildly, doesn't know how to make films. And when I say that, I don't mean in a subjective, debatable way where the vagaries of opinion can be argued and discussed. I mean it's a quantifiable fact. Boll can't make films the same way cats can't drive and elephants can't fly. His efforts are exercises in abject incompetence, littering the screen with meaningless drivel filled by only the barest whiff of cohesion.
Into this mess steps Kristanna Loken, who plays the title character and who really deserves better. Loken has a genuine cinematic presence (she was last seen pounding the governor of California to snot in Terminator 3) and while she won't unseat Meryl Streep anytime soon, she could make a decent action heroine on par with her co-star Rodriguez. Her character is a dhampir, a half-human, half-vampire, all-inappropriately-tanned being who begins the film in a circus sideshow, but soon escapes and -- with the help of the vampire-hunting society Brimstone -- launches a quest for revenge against the evil Kagan (Ben Kingsley, who I really hope enjoys his check). It sounds simple, but the inexplicable convolutions and unnecessary character development render it formless mush. It's exacerbated by the mindless fight scenes, which demonstrate no understanding of pacing or choreography and are rendered with all the energy and gusto of a 50-year-old stripper grinding it out on the pole. Watching Loken struggle to assert herself in such dreck is actively painful."

4 kommentarer:

Zoe sa...

I was disappointed by this movie too. I'm a die hard vampire movie fan, and especially when they star smokin'hot chicks, but this one won't be one for my video collection. Now, Underworld, that's a different story.

bani sa...

*lol* Great review! Mr Bani and I were only yesterday discussing which films we really regret having paid cinema money to see - sounds like this one is a winner for you... We saw Matrix 2 AND 3 at the cinema, and it rankles TO THIS DAY.

HB sa...

Zoe: Yes, Underworld was good! We have it in our dvd collection:-)

Bani: he he! Men Matrix 2 og 3 var faktisk utsøkte kunstverk innen filmsjangeren sammenlignet med Bloodrayne..

bani sa...

Speciellt orgiescenen då. :P