torsdag, juni 12, 2008

Norway Parliament Approves Gay Marriage

"The gallery at the Norwegian Parliament erupted in applause and cheers on Wednesday with the passage of legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry.

The law also recognizes both partners in a marriage as equal parents and gives lesbian couples the same access to "medically assisted reproduction" as opposite-sex couples.

Parliament voted overwhelmingly to approve the bill, despite opposition from the Christian Democrats and Progress Party."

Read the rest here!:-)

4 kommentarer:

greymatters sa...

Congratulations and BRAVO, Norway!

tastykakes sa...

that's fantastic. do you feel especially proud to be norwegian?

since i was complaining about oslo being so hot.... my karmic punishment was to return to 98 degree heat in the states.

HB sa...

Yes, bravo Norway!:-) Do I feel espescially proud to be Norwegian? Not really - it's about time they did this! Spain, a deeply Catholic country beat us to it. That is more impressive, I think!

roro sa...

Hurray for Norway!! That's so great.